Does BLM Promote Racial Division Among Students?

Does BLM and the organization’s sponsored curriculum — which is being used in the Wellesley Public Schools — promote and ultimately cause division and segregation?  Are the WPS moving in the wrong direction?  Do we want education or indoctrination?  The WPS DEI Director, Dr. Charmie Curry has stated that WPS has the opportunity to “mold” our children from a very young age through graduation. 

Does the BLM curriculum promote “unity” or ‘division” amongst students?


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Today, my 10th grade Wellesley High School English teacher Stephanie DeOliveira told us students “we should be embarrassed for celebrating Thanksgiving”. I am sick of my teachers saying ridiculous things like this.

I am concerned that other minority children may feel marginalized by all the attention focused on black children. At back to school night I sat in a classroom with a BLM poster on the front wall, and I thought to myself…”wow, if I was a Native American, Latino, Asian or Indian child how would I feel having to sit and stare at this BLM sign day after day?” I think there is a real danger prioritizing any ethnicity because it becomes a very divisive focal point for the children, and therefor all BLM signs and posters should be removed from the classrooms and school.

That’s an interesting take, I hadn’t thought about it from that perspective. There is nothing wrong with the BLM “slogan” per se. Of course black lives matter. My issue with the BLM signs is the connection to the political organization, and everything it stands for (anti-semitism, defunding of police, violence and Marxism). It’s an insidious vehicle to put political thoughts into students’ heads and it doesn’t belong in the classroom.

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