If You Aren’t Trying To Hide Something, Don’t: Wellesley Public Schools’ Lack of Transparency

Your schools are being hijacked and you do not know it.  That is not a knock on you.  You go to “Back to School” nights.  You make sure that homework is done.  You attend conferences.  You might participate in PTO.  You pay a king’s ransom in taxes, much of which goes to Wellesley Public Schools.  Every day you send the most precious people in your life—your children—to Wellesley’s schools.  You assume that they are getting a first-rate education.  The teachers and administrators seem nice and very smart.  Yet, we have no idea about important aspects of the actual curriculum that is being taught to our kids by those nice and smart folks.  That is because those aspects are a secret, zealously guarded by WPS.

One example is the display last spring of the Black Lives Matter flag in all schools in Wellesley.  Parents were only notified after the decision to hang the flag had been made. There were no PTO meetings or advance notifications to parents on the subject.  At one school the principal sent an email to parents that the decision had been made by a committee which included parents.  Yet, that same principal later acknowledged that there was no such parental input and that the only committee involved consisted of school staff.  It was later learned that only a handful of teachers and the principal constituted the committee.  School staff was given a written “BLM Flag Plan” and an advance in-person or Zoom meeting to discuss the plan and curriculum which was to be taught.  Parents were not notified until the Saturday before the lesson plan was put into action on the following Monday.  Similarly, parents were not notified of the plan to have “a whole school assembly/video” until the morning of that assembly.  Parents were never notified that there was actually an orchestrated, written “BLM Flag Plan,” which included the statements “future: continue our work with BLM …” and the instruction to teachers to lead the students into discussion sessions “around the BLM flag.”

The history of the BLM political organization was laid out in detail for teachers.  The plan also included explanatory quotes and resource lists taken directly from the website of “Black Lives Matter at School” (an arm of the political organization BLM, Inc.) and statements such as “black people’s lives are…undervalued…and are more likely to be ended by police—and the country needs to recognize that inequity to bring an end to it [emphasis in original],” “I stand with you! #BLM ,” and “It is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist.”  Further, the “plan” showed teachers how to define “white privilege” and stated that “Black Lives Matter is a call to action [emphasis in original],” requiring their students to become activists and to take part in student marches.  Books recommended to WPS teachers as part of the BLM Flag Plan included references to “School Week of Action, Unit Topic: Children and Youth as Changemakers, Grades: 2nd and up.”

You were not told about any of this.

Instead, Superintendent Lussier claims that the BLM flags displayed at WPS are “the result of conversations at those schools among staff and parents,” that the BLM flag display is “not an endorsement of the political organization of the same name,” and that it is not reflective of “support . . . for the specific agenda of the BLM political organization.”

You were lied to.

What else is being hidden from parents? What other lies are you being fed? One would think that WPS, as a public body, a part of our Town Government, would be ready and willing to share with parents any information about its curriculum, its instructions to teachers, its taxpayer-funded consultant contracts, its racially segregated affinity spaces and its plans for indoctrinating our children on racialized divisive curriculum. We ask that instead the school focuses on traditional academic subjects, advanced placement courses or countering the steady drop in standardized test scores.

There are public records laws that require such disclosure, correct? But whenever WPS is asked to produce such information by a parent they often engage Town Counsel, at taxpayer expense, to resist the production and/or to demand tens of thousands of dollars in copying and review costs from the hapless parent who requested it. Needless to say, the information remains hidden.       

In 2021 Wellesley parents deserve better. Their school system should be transparent and truthful. Your kids deserve better. You deserve better.

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