Wellesley Concerned Parents believe that education is the key to our children’s future.

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We believe that the WPS is failing in their commitment to educate our children and in preparing them for college, and for their adult lives.

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We have noticed a decline in Wellesley Public Schools credentials and academic ratings over the past 10 years.

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Our goal is to provide our children with a strong education, free from indoctrination.

Learn more about how Wellesley Concerned Parents (WCP) are organizing to elevate Wellesley Public Schools.

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“Our hope is that our children become critical thinkers, who have a passion for learning, are accepting of others, and who have a solid foundation to succeed in an uncertain world.” 

Wellesley Concerned Parents

Wellesley Concerned Parents

We are a committee of Wellesley parents who want to improve education in Wellesley

We have noticed a change in the academics of our town’s schools over the past ten years and are concerned that the Wellesley Public School system is not preparing our children for college and their future.

We are also concerned that WPS’ educational priorities and curriculum are not providing our children with the best foundation. 

We believe that once you learn about our concerns, you will agree that the current approach to education in our town is the wrong one and needs to change.

Please join us in elevating the
Wellesley Public School system and restoring it to its prior glory.

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