Bias Policy

The Wellesley Public Schools has instituted a policy prohibiting the use of certain words, claiming that use of those words indicate impermissible bias.  Training materials for WPS teachers and staff provide an example of an offending remark as “the principal is crazy.”

Students are encouraged to anonymously report other students for using terms allegedly indicating bias.

What do you think about this policy being implemented at WPS?


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I hate this policy and think it’s divisive. Students have become hyper sensitive and are attaching race or gender to every situation, even when there is no connection. This policy brings praise to those students who “police” their peers, and causes other students to shutdown out of fear. The learning environment at WPS is toxic.

This is a gross misrepresentation of the Bias policy–

Examples of bias-based behaviors:

Using a slur or insult toward a student or their family based on their membership in a protected group;
Telling rude jokes that mock a protected group in person or through any electronic device;
Not allowing students to participate in an activity because of their membership in a protected group;
Disciplining a student more often or more harshly because of their membership in a protected group;
Posting pictures of a student that make fun of them for being part of a protected group;
Imitating someone with any kind of disability, or imitating someone’s cultural norm or language.

This is not an example of thought police that you claim it is.

But then again, Free Speech Absolutism is the religion of most conservatives these days

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