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Another Open Letter About BLM

Dear Friends and Neighbors,
Everyone in Wellesley would love to see every form of bias and intolerance disappear forever.  We support the dignity and common humanity of every single life in this town, state, country, and the world as we know it.  We want the best for all of Wellesley’s children.  One of the reasons our family moved to Wellesley was for its excellent reputation in public education. Stop labeling our children/students by identity. There is no place for indoctrination, divisiveness, victimology, schools replacing parents, one-sided politics, lack of academic rigor and students turning in students for “micro-aggressions”.
Wellesley is in the national news now for all the wrong reasons.  Our public school system is losing its rankings, and will have law suits brought against the town.  Valuable class time is used for indoctrination instead of learning.  Neighbors are calling other neighbors “racist.” School children are making videos saying that “we are born racist.”  Our school administrators are allowing students to take over school time meant for learning, and our school staff often behave unprofessionally.  We parents are not consulted in matters that directly impact our children and families. 

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