Diversity, Equity and Exclusion?

During the summer, the WPS Diversity, Equity and Inclusion office tweeted out the following:

Yes, inclusion means including everyone. That means every student, every parent and every taxpayer. That means people with whom you, administrators, may disagree.

The DEI director should not have the power to silence people with whom she disagrees. All interested parties deserve a seat at the table to have a conversation about the school system which they fund and at which their children attend.

“What if we can’t just all get along?” What does that mean exactly and why are we being threatened? Differing ideas and thoughts are no longer allowed or tolerated? No one is permitted to disagree with the DEI office? We, as parents, cannot express any viewpoint which may diverge in any way from the standard set by the DEI director? Please think about that. When were our schools taken over by this totalitarian agenda? We absolutely have the right not to agree and to express that disagreement peacefully.

This is a public school.

And, again, yes, inclusion means including everyone.


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