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What is happening at WPS?

Wellesley Public Schools (WPS) has embraced this illiberal orthodoxy.  Under the direction of Superintendent David Lussier, the School Committee and World of Wellesley, WPS is enforcing this cynical orthodoxy that requires students to identify themselves and each other based on immutable characteristics like skin color, gender and sexual orientation. 

While our WPS educators may say they are not teaching “CRT,” they are indeed practicing the ideology in all areas of curriculum, including English Literature Arts, History, Math, Music, Science, and even Phys Ed. Within the classroom, children have been judged, shamed, intimidated and silenced by teachers and the administration for questioning the ideology.  

How is the orthodoxy showing up at WPS? 

Over the course of the last few years, parents and students have reported various ways in which the regressive ideology is harming and dividing our children. Some examples include:

  • Wellesley Middle School recently held an affinity space for Asian students, which welcomed “students of color”.  Students that identified “only as white” were told they could not attend per an email sent out by 7th grade middle school teacher. 
  •  The elimination of grades and AP classes because they are “too White” or “too Asian.” 
  •  The introduction of a “hotline” for students and teachers to report each other’s conscious or unconscious biases that target individuals or groups that are part of a federally protected class (i.e., race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, gender, identity, sexual orientation, religion or disability).  Bias-based behavior can also be described as when someone treats another person differently.
  • School personnel recently authorized an anti-police presentation by Young Ethnic Scholars that explicitly stated that the police were responsible for the violence that occurred during peaceful BLM protests across the country last year.  No other perspective was presented to provide ideological or viewpoint diversity.    
  • Books on the summer reading list paint Christians as racists, white supremacists and liars.  
  • Students are encouraged to be “Activists” and are intimidated into joining school led “protests”.
  • Students have noted that they received lower grades for refusing to conform with CRT training, questioning CRT principles or taking an alternate viewpoint.    

Should we be asking ourselves does this belong in our schools?

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