H584: An Act relative to anti-racism, equity and justice in education

Wellesley Concerned Parents participated in an email campaign to oppose the passing of House Bill H584 (an Act relative to anti-racism, equity and justice in education). We worked with the Metrowest Chapter of FAIR in writing letters to Alice Peisch and Jason Lewis to express our strong opposition to H584.

On the surface this bill sounds nice and inclusive but as always the devil is in the details. This bill will implement CRT or DEI-type education curriculum in our schools across Massachusetts. These types of programs divide our kids and create an environment of either guilt or victimhood depending on our children’s racial background. Our message needs to be equality and equal opportunity — NOT equity which promotes division, racism and resentment.  We support a more holistic “human” approach to teaching our children.

Through our email campaign, concerned parents sent individual emails to our state representative to oppose this bill.

Wellesley Concerned Parents believe in action. We will continue campaigns such as this one in the future and push back on dangerous ideologic policies that divide us.

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Racial discrimination is something that the vast majority of Americans and all members of our concerned parent’s community agree does not belong in OUR hearts and minds nor in the hearts of our children.

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