Does the BLM Organization and Its Sponsored Curriculum Belong In Our Schools?

BLM is a political organization and movement that began in 2013 in reaction to the acquittal of George Zimmerman, who had shot and killed Trayvon Martin. The organization and movement were created by three self-described “radical Black organizers” — Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors, and Opal Tometi, who also started the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. They proclaim that BLM is a political and ideological cause.

Millions of Americans across the country have expressed their support of the black community by standing against race-based police brutality. Americans of all ethnic backgrounds have stood in solidarity for those black lives wrongly lost during exchanges with law enforcement and have called for the end of such unjustified police brutality.

Unfortunately, this well intended movement has in the past eight years devolved into something else. It has become an organization centered around a divisive, anti-Semitic, anti-police, anti-family and anti-American political agenda.

The BLM organization with all of its divisive rhetoric is symbolized by the BLM flag and the corresponding phrase “Black Lives Matter.” There is no separating the organization from the phrase or the flag. They are all woven together. The BLM flag is the BLM organization and the BLM organization is represented by the BLM flag. Both the organization and its flag use the same phrase: Black Lives Matter. Therefore, raising the BLM flag with the phrase “Black Lives Matter” indicates an endorsement of the BLM political organization and its divisive ideals.

Since the school committee decided to put the BLM flag in every school in Wellesley, many parents in town have expressed concern about their children being subjected to, and indoctrinated into, this ideology. In particular, having the organization’s symbol front and center in our schools, creates fear and coerced conformity by the schools’ students.

Something parents need to know is that WPS is not simply hanging the BLM flag. That is simply the first step. WPS is also using the BLM organization’s sponsored curriculum. That curriculum teaches hate and Marxist principles. It includes an entire plan to create BLM activists out of our children.

Our schools’ core values include “respect for human differences” and “cooperative and caring relationships,” and we believe in these values whole-heartedly. However, the BLM organization and related movement does not. It does not respect individual differences nor does it want to cooperate with others in any way. In fact, instead of bringing people together through respect and cooperation, it seeks to segregate and to divide our children by skin color. Instead of encouraging high achievement regardless of a student’s skin tone, BLM seeks to lower standards through illogical “equity” practices, which reduces the quality of our children’s education.

Why should our children be forced to pledge allegiance to an organization that does not have their best interests at heart? This is especially true for students whose identities are considered contemptuous by BLM. This organization promotes discrimination and should not be endorsed by our public schools.

The Wellesley Public Schools’ administration made decisions to inject the BLM ideology into our schools, including hanging the BLM flag and teaching the BLM curriculum. It did so without any notice to parents or input from us. That was wrong, and Wellesley Concerned Parents seeks to right that wrong.

Wellesley Concerned Parents
is seeking your help to remove the BLM political ideology from our schools. BLM symbols and the BLM curriculum (CRT) have no place in preK-12 education.

We request that the Wellesley School Committee:

  • Remove the BLM flags from our buildings
  • Remove the Black Lives Matter Instructional Library and all BLM mandated curriculum from our schools
  • Include any BLM-related curriculum solely at the high school level and ONLY as elective options; students should not be indoctrinated but have the choice whether they want to learn about this ideology

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If you are not sure about speaking out, please continue to read more about the BLM political organization and related curriculum.

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Racial discrimination is something that the vast majority of Americans and all members of our concerned parents’ community agree does not belong in OUR hearts and minds nor in the hearts of our children.

Wellesley Concerned Parents

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